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Zero stars

Unplayable. I seriously wish I had paid attention to all the reviews that told me how bad the gameplay is. It’s been a long time since I had a game experience this awful.

So. Slow.

The main character is supposed to be injured. Cool. Except, he walks at the speed of an injured person in real life. You spend a lot of time waiting for him to get where you want him to walk. There is no way to hasten this. Played for 20 minutes, nearly died of boredom, poking and waiting. Do not recommend.

Really cool

Just enough suspense and horror. The storyline is really interesting. Moving can be challenging, but i’m going to try the virtual pad. ( I don’t know what that is though. Lol).

Control pad needs work..

Control pad is weird it your character will only go forward if you slide up you should make it where wherever I slide to my character would just go straight

So scary (but cool)

I like this game, it’s really interesting and cool. Every time a match goes out, though... also I didn’t know before that you can die (I learned the hard way). Also for all you people who are like “Horror! Cool! How scary can a mobile game be?” I am telling you VERY SCARY. I WAS ONE OF YOU. CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED.

Very cool, stylish horror game - one of the best horror games on App Store

Great job by devs adding control options of touch or analog control which is much, much smoother and more responsive. Everything about this game I love - the stylish comic book graphic style B&W noir, the great sound effects that add to the taut and tense atmosphere, the intriguing story that makes you want to explore and search everywhere to unravel the mystery, and just the experience in general. It’s such a creepy, suspenseful game that will have you scared to move into the next room. The devs ingeniously obtain this constant tenseness by using light and darkness. The uses of matches and extremely scarce light sources (lamps, candles and some chandeliers) is used to its full effectiveness. The game never cheats you either on this, as they do give you plenty of matches and opportunities to keep yourself safe from the ghosts that haunt the house. There’s definitely a survival horror aspect to this game in that respect, and you will ‘die’ occasionally, but the frequent checkpoints and saves make up for this. Combined with this ghost story is also a brilliant noir mystery to be unearthed which is more complex than most may think; the game definitely requires multiple playthroughs (and a smart move on the devs part is everything you collect in your previous playthrough you get to keep in your next! So no unnecessary finding the same stuff twice, which also helps with obtaining achievements). I seriously think if you enjoy a great horror game mixed with a great mystery game, you will love this as I did...I know the controls are absolutely frustrating right now, but the devs have told me they are completely reworking the controls to allow the player to use an analog interface which will make the game so much more enjoyable and less frustrating in certain parts. This is a well-crafted game in all other areas without a doubt.

Spooky and CRAZY suspensful, but controls need some work.

LOADS of suspense and a good story line, but the controls and touch zones are wonky at best.

Unplayable. Needs fixed

Immediately crashes after hitting new game. Cant even play a game i paid 5$ for. Needs fixed.


This game is one big glitch. Can't even play--I just sit there watching a tiny leaf "move" frame by frame down a white screen with sillhouettes of trees and an occasional telephone pole appearing and disappearing waaaaay in the "background" while credits blip slowly and painfully toward me. No idea what it's supposed to be, but after twenty minutes of nothing, I quit. Wish I could get refund.

Scary as all heck but good

The game has a pretty interesting storyline which gets you to want to keep playing. The movement controls can be frustrating especially when trying to run or move into a space off screen. Sometimes the apparitions can be irritating with the patterns they move in sometimes being impossible to get by without dying several times first. These are just easy game fixes or bug fixes that can be changed. The game as a whole is something that I keep going back to being that it is good enough that I'm in a rush to finish it. I wish there were more puzzles and not so much tap to achieve type things but definitely worth play in my opinion. Just be aware that the nervousness that apparitions give you make it a bit scary even if the game itself isn't scary. It's more the suspense that will keep you on your toes.

Extremely slow moving with frustrating controls

It had the potential of being a good game but the controls were so frustrating it became unplayable. The black and white is a cool effect but then objects turn orange to let you know you can click on them which ruins the effect.

Very intuitive shout out to for sponsoring TJ fellas

Great game so far

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